How to create a timelapse video of my flight

I want to create a timlapse video of a flight that I will do tomorrow. Before doing the flight however, I want to know what I have to do BEFORE and AFTER the flight. I’m using an iPad.

Use a screen recorder that has a time lapse feature.


I can’t find one that has the option to trim the video after.

Well you are going to have to use an additional program then, such as Windows Movie Maker or Adobe After Effects.

Use the default iOS screen recorder once you have finished the flight and record the whole flight (with the replay mode). Then trim the footage in the default Photos app.

Unfortunately after that there is no option to fast forward the video for a timelapse, you will have to export to Windows Movie Maker or iMovie whichever you got.


When your off the runway and in the air hit record is usually what I do don’t touch anything from there turn off anti-liasing and decrease graphics to maybe high and also yea don’t touch anything because you’ll die of removing He parts where the huds appear because it’s what I do lol edit the hud parts or you could fly and then when maybe after that record the flight in replay mode what I do is I usually set the cam into Tail view and Record from there or you can do what @PocketRishi where he gets different angles

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I really need help! I’m using an iPad so I can’t use Windows.

The easiest way to do this would be to just use the default iOS screen recorder, and then export into iMovie right on your iPad. The program should either be already installed on your device or available for purchase. From here, you can speed up the video as well as do any other editing/trimming needed.


Only limitation of iMovie on IOS is that you can only speed up to x2 I believe, depending on the flight youd need something like x20, so either you can export the movie from imovie like 3-4 times or use Windows Movie Maker since you can also speed up videos on it as fast as you want

Screen record your flight in replay , then speed it up using an app from the App Store, there is plenty. Have a good one.

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