How to create a new acc

How to create a new acc when logged in with one (error code 1)

Why don’t you re subscribe?

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Need new acc because I want to start from 0 with no violations

Oh, ok, sorry

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You can probably message a staff member like schyllberg or someone and ask them to reset your stats. They can do that without you needing to create a new account.

I know they can do this because it’s what they do when you get suspended on IFC

No we can’t. And won’t :)

A system to create new accounts out of nothing is not supported at this time and there’s no plans of having that in the future either. Best option is to just own ones flight history and improve :)


How can I get those violations away without waiting?

You can’t. Just like everyone else, you have to wait.
Given your flight history, i would strongly advice trying to improve instead :)


Can I get another device with an other Apple ID and download IF, create an acc via Google acc and buy a subscription. Than log at my main device in with the new one?

You could create a new account if you have another device that hasn’t been connected to your current account…

So like I sad above?

The only option is to change Apple-ID, repurchase the app etc.

To be entirely honest, and it may not be the most popular answer:
You’ve received 5 Level 2/3 violations within 60 days. This is why I’m saying;
Best option for you is to work on improving, since you’ll most likely end up in the same situation soon again if you don’t. New account or not :)


I started playing again since 1012 I haven’t played again xD

Thx for all your grate answers and help every time. IFC best!

I agree. I’d stick with your current account and just progress from there. Violations aren’t permanent anyway.