How to create a flash flight

Hey Everyone
I am new to The IFC
Can any one tell me how to create a flash flight? I have seen other people do it but it’s hard to understand it!!
Thanks for the help!!😁

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You mean group flights?

Or events?

Technically both of them

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So, you mean a event like this?

Or a group flight like this?

You can check this out for events:
Infinite Flight Community Event Tutorial

As for group flights, the category has a specific template you need to fill out. You can see multiple examples in the #live:events and #live:groupflights categories as well. They all have different rules which you can see in the pinned topic for each category, linked below:

Each of them have there own respective category and different rules.

Thx so much @Austrian001 and @Butter_Boi

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No problem! Feel free to PM/DM me if you ever make an event, I’d be glad to stop by. 😉

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Hello and welcome, you can create events like the other guys linked you in topic. Just something to say, only one person can create flash flights, because is the community manager. Also, flash flights are considered like official events. I can’t ping him because is a developer, and we can’t ping the developers if we want.

Did you got it?

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