How to create a contest in IFC

I am confused how to do. The contest I want is just the most liked and most beautiful moonshots

I’m not too sure what you mean. Do you mean a poll?

No. Not that. Like the picture contest happened here 1 or 2 weeks earlier

Topics like “Most beautiful photos” and stuff like that are not allowed. Users may post in the #screenshots-and-videos category their favorite moonshot photos instead.


I haven’t heard of a contest in the IFC, but a lot of VAs and VOs (including my own) have photo contests.

Well, i am in a VA

If you link the topic maybe i could help

This is the link, but it’s in #real-world-aviation

I want to do that, but the pics are from IF.

Hey, I assume you mean an infinite flight photo competition?

I believe that @ran is currently making one. But in reality, you should post it under #general. It takes some time to plan it though, so if you are wanting to make one please do make sure to put a lot of effort into it.

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Where’s the topic link? Is it currently running or it got closed?

He said that Ran is making one

@Qantas094 used to create a picture competition before. I will link it below for you. On the other hand, you should ask a moderator for the permission to post any picture competition, just in case they will close the topic upon posting. And the topic must look good and organised before posting anything as mentioned by @AlphaSeven.

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