How to create a Callsign

Apart from the easy stuff about selecting the airline and then typing in a number, what are the tricks and tips for creating a custom callsign and are there any rules or guidelines?

Well you head over to General Aviation to select a custom callsign e.g N342HJ
Like if this helps


But please insure it is respectful and appropriate
Like if this helps


You can have your custom callsign as anything, whatever fits your personal preference as long as it’s appropiate and a reasonable length.

You can include your initials in it, your name, your favourite number, your dogs birthday, anything you like. It’s really entirely down to you.

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Just to reiterate and

@Patrick_McCormack My bad, I forgot to let people know that I do know how to create a callsign (by going over to the general aviation tab) but the more information out on this website, the better it helps other so…

@TimShan05 Thanks this is the answer I think that was what I was looking for.

Is there any specific codes for airlines or aircrafts?

It’s all there in the airline callsigns section.

Well, I guess you could use a callsign like EI101 for an Aer Lingus A330 as an example?

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@TheAviationGallery Yes but then it refers to you as Qantas xxx when (I believe) that in this world that we live on, there might be a specific code for all Qantas jets or the A380 or Boeing 747 etc.

I might be wrong

A380 uses the term “Super” and you can find that in the airline callsigns section too.


Indeed. “Heavy” and “Super” are usually used at the end of big/heavy aircraft callsigns (such as the Qantas B747/A380 you were referring to).

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you can put the real flight callsingn, for an example JFK-DXB, then, if you’re doing this route you can put EK202

you can create your own callsing and use it on every flight, like me, my callsing is “N8VR” and i use it everytime.

the only rule i guess is that you can’t put any maleficent word on your callsing


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