How to create a 3d airport

I just want to ask how is it that IF choose their volunteers to create 3d airports. What’s the process and requirements to be able to create airports in 3d?


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The Scenery Editing Team is comprised of a team that has been hand-picked from the higher-ups by invite only. Therefore, asking to join is currently not an option as per the system at the moment. Right now, editors are carefully hand-picked periodically based on several qualities that make them viable members of the team.


ahh ok. gotcha

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where do i do that? like which platform is used for building 3d?

No, it’s not how it works. You can’t apply for IFAET and to create 3D airports The editing team uses a build in editor. More can be found here: New Scenery Editor Announced on YouTube!


You have to make a hefty monetary sacrifice to Cameron to even be considered


what do u mean?

It’s a joke. Cameron, the “leader” of IFAET claims to be only paid in bread and here, they are suggesting paying him to enter the team. He will definitely take the money if offered but will not let you in the team 😂

Just kidding. Listen to Tsumia, he’s serious :)


I sold my spinal chord and it worked, be it at great cost Robertine


That is the law of equivalent exchange

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