How to correctly taxi at YSSY

Hey there! This is just Informative topic explaining how to taxi and where to cross runways at YSSY.

First up. Crossing 34L/16R
Basically, just taxi until the end then cross the runway. If you cross early, you’ll need to taxi through ‘grass’ to get to RWY 34L.

Next, exiting Runway 34R. Do this if there is traffic taxiing to 34R. This avoids those head on collisions.

A small reminder too!

If taking off from 34L Do not turn right after departure.
If taking off from 34R Do not turn left after departure.

If taking off from 16R Do not turn left after departure.
If taking off from 16L Do not turn right after departure.


Very helpfull, especially because for some reason people are in a rush and just full power until they reach the runway.

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Thanks, that’s helpful. It’s so hard to know what taxiway to use. I thought the rule of thumb was daparting traffic is closer to the runway, but that’s clearly not an option here.


Yeah, I’ve seen many people doing that at Sydney today.

Especially in the first picture, one guy tried to overtake me by taxiing at like 40kts and using the above (wrong) taxiway. It’s not a race lol. If you haven’t got the time to taxi normally/wait in line, then don’t fly.


I always try to follow the above routes every time I find myself at YSSY.
Btw great controlling earlier at Sydney


Perhaps also good to explain how to do an early exit from runway 34L, as I see many exit to the left, to get to the left platform quickly, and thus obstructing taxiing traffic that is crossing 7/25 on its way to 34L. A picture speaks a 1000 words


Thank you very helpful, I taxied down the wrong taxi way thanks again for the help

Technically the A380 and B748 cannot exit right due to size, so those who turn left are actually correct. They frequently exit left onto taxiway Alpha before crossing 07/25 (turn off at A2).


Just to clear things up for me… I believe I was one of the victims that exited left on Alpha 2 shortly after landing on 34L YSSY today. So you aren’t suppose to exit left on alpha 2 even though tower advised to exit left when able?

Anyway later onwards tower told me to check forums

If so I apologise for that and it was stupid of me. Ty

Thank you - this is very informative! I must say, controlling YSSY Ground today gave me a bit of a headache. Hopefully this will help our pilots in the future. :)

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Nope. A real world flight that I mocked today crossed the runway where that red X is. So that one is a green.

You’re saying that a flight landed on 34L and took the HSE for 16R? I’m dubious.

[Even just taxiing, the high speed exit for the other direction is the opposite of what they normally do.]

No, it was taxiing to runway 34L.

Wait so your telling me he went and did something like this @FlyFi ?

That makes no sense

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You’re right… I just played back the flight, and the flight track makes it seem like that is where it crossed. However it is an old aircraft, and I guess it must’ve just been a glitch.

Please continue peacefully… These kinds of threads are ones that need to be seen by others. Making IF more realistic one step at a time.

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Ok ok. This is getting confusing.
If you are taxiing to runway 34L, you don’t cross the runway until the end. If you cross early (Where the crosses are), you will need to taxi through the grass to continue to 34L

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I have no idea anymore. The way he explained it, it sounded like he crossed the runway where the x’s are and then did a complete 180 and turned back towards the terminal. I might have misinterpreted it completely though

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Thank you for giving the community this info. I am from SYD and get soooooo annoyed when i see people taxiing the wrong ways at YSSY. Also, i hate it how there are noobs even of expert server who takeoff in a A380 on runway 7 or 25.


Yeah. I’m not from there, and I know heavies don’t take off of 07/25

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Was planning on doing this the other day, after seeing multiple people taxing incorrectly. Nice work 👍🏻.

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