How to Correctly Navigate Taxiways

I am using KNUC as an example, as many pilots find it hard to correctly navigate the short journey from gate to runway, or vice versa. I’m using mostly commercial aircraft as most pilots fly them at KNUC, however, KNUC is a Naval Auxiliary Base, and commercial aircraft do not fly there.These diagrams below apply to all airports.

So after a while of researching the distance recommended between two aircraft taxiing, and combining all the different numbers to create an average, I created a diagram. (two, to be exact).

The images really speak for themselves, however, if there is anything you would like to ask/know, feel free to give me a shout. Or just reply to this topic so your neighbours don’t come knocking.

EDIT: Something I forgot to do. Put the ‘behind’ in the hold short tip bold. It should be, “Nose Of Aircraft Behind Hold Short Line.”


Most People know that they should be following these rules but just choose not to


Nice, good job!😎🇦🇺


Cheers spencer, KNUC is a nightmare on training especially, we needed this


Good job !


Do you also have the approach chart?

How to Correctly Navigate KNUC

Stop take a380 / 777 / 787 / 330 …

please 😘


I agree, I finally thought that this was a post about not flying to KNUC with large aircraft… Then I see this :/


I appreciate this, but me and you both know this won’t be followed

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Doesn’t this apply to all airports…?


Thank you for making this. I recommend you find a way to pin this on the load page of IF.

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Nice job. Just hope more pilots choose to follow the rules and your guidance.

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@Q-ENAN @Mats_Edvin_Aaro

Thanks for the feedback. Changed the title and added a sentence about not flying commercial aircraft at KNUC.


Thank you for making this post, I’m sure this post will educate many if not all.

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I’m sure this’ll help a lot of people!

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