How to Correctly Land at London City?

I recently bought the A318, and wanted to try it making a short route between EGHI and EGLC.
My target altitude above the airport would be of 3500ft.
After reaching that altitude, flying with full flaps at 165kts, I started my descent so as to intercept the glideslope.
My problem is that the A320 family has a landing speed of 120-140kts, and as I started slowing down using the spoilers with 0% thrust to reach 135kts, my V/S went from -1000ft/m to -2000ft/m all of a sudden, creating a rather uncontrollable descent.

Can someone tell me at which height should I intercept EGLC’s glideslope and how to slow down to 135kts without diving like the Junkers Ju 87 Stuka?

I know might seem stupid, but I’m fairly new with the A320 family.

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I said this in another thread, the A320 is better at loosing speed than descending. Those flaps will push you down like a hawk if you’re not careful, try and reduce it until on the localiser at least. Speeds can reduce by your “air brakes” Ill call them, put them on flight mode. Point you’re nose up if you must and you’ll lose speed and lose altitude hopefully.

Remember the more flaps the push downwards

Hope it helps!

It partially does, I had my spoilers in the flight position, but I was pointing the nose down because the runway threshold was approaching rather fast.

Just do some 360’s if you must, give patients to the nose up and let me tell you, you will lose altitude faster! Make sure your at a slow speed though.

Well, I spoke too fast, it does help raising your nose while using the spoilers to slow down. But I needed to use 15% of trim so as to avoid pushing my phone to my stomach.
But that demands lots of attention so as to trim the plane from 5% to 15% while avoiding the nose go up or down too much.

Don’t worry trim and me are good friends when it comes to not seeing the screen properly.

least you’ve solved the problem

I’ll still need to practice and write it down so as to standarize it. When I perfect it, I’ll put a full tutorial for the A318. Thanks for the help.

No problem, not enough people know to have the nose up

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The A318’s enabled steep approach mode utilizes the outer spoilers to create extra drag for the steep approach. This isn’t an option in IF though. For my steep approach into EGLC I use spoilers in flight mode, which causes a little more drag than in an actual steep approach mode. The procedure I use is as follows:

  1. Arrival from ALKIN (refer to EGLC STAR) at 3000ft max 180kts (Flaps 2 at 180kts; Flaps 3 at 160kts)
  2. Approach as directed by ATC or as stated in landing chart (descend to 2000ft overhead EGLC) with glide slope interception at 2000ft 3.4nm inbound ILS DME Flaps Full at 150kts
  3. At interception at 3.4nm, deploy spoilers (landing gear extended) and reduce speed to Vapp=VLS(Conf Full)+8kts+1/3 head wind component for steep approach i.e. for weight set to “Normal” in IF corresponding to approx. 53000kg (120000lbs) Vapp=122kts+8kts+1/3 head wind component. The descend rate to maintain is approx. 1200-1400ft/min depending on ground speed. Alternatively cross check altitude at respective ILS DME as stated in landing chart (2000ft at 3.4nm; 1220ft at 2.0nm; 640ft at 1.0nm).
  4. Vapp should be reached pretty quickly. At 100ft disable Auto Throttle (if activated) and flare at 50ft AGL while reducing throttle to idle. Throttle should be idle no later than 20ft AGL. Depending on the winds, flare by gently raising the nose by only 2-3 degrees.
  5. At touchdown deploy spoilers fully by selecting “Armed”. Do not set to “Armed” before touchdown as this would cause you to balloon quite a bit. In real life the spoilers in steep approach mode deploy automatically upon touchdown of course (this is just a work around for IF).

*Note: The spoilers are set to “Flight” upon interception throughout the entire steep approach!

Hope this helps a little…


That’s an excellent tutorial for landing at EGLC! Would you mind if I sent my video of landing at EGLC for you to check it out?
I made a hard landing because at 135kts, the A318 needs to be nose up 3°, so I didn’t flare.

Copy paste what you wrote and post it in the Tutorials section, I’m sure many will find it useful.

Sure, you can send it to me. Don’t worry about the attitude of the aircraft having to be 3 degrees nose up. Use feeling to gently flare. Over-flaring is only dangerous as it may for example cause a tail strike.

Alternatively (this takes some practice though), disable Auto Throttle as stated earlier at 100ft, at 80ft switch spoilers to “Armed” (caution: balloon effect!), at 50ft gently flare by raising nose only 1-2 degrees and initiate thrust reduction to Idle. This gives a smoother touchdown. This method mimics the real steep approach more closely which reduces the spoiler angel of spoilers 3+4 from 30 degrees to 8 degrees when 83ft AGL.

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@Alexander_Gotze… Max Sez… Well Done. Have a “Good” Peanut!


Good Job!

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Here’s a quick video of what it looks like when following the instructions above. It’s just a quick snap of my iPad using my phone. At the bottom you will see the ground speed, vertical speed and altitude AGL emphasize the vertical descent and the flare till touchdown.

Make a new topic under Tutorials, it will have more visibility.

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It won’t allow me to post under Tutorials. I think my trust level isn’t high enough.

Post it in General and I´ll do it for you.

Thanks. Will copy paste the stuff there now.

Tell me when you´re done and pass the link.

Here’s the link: