How to convince my parents that Infinite Flight won't kill my battery fast

I kind of need help, My parents are kind of suspicious at me cause they think that my battery will explode with Infinite Flight. (possible) but, I don’t think that’s true. Am I correct.


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Rest in peace your battery.


Tell them it won’t because devices don’t just explode randomly for being in to long.

If so…RIP


No it won’t make your device blow up Chris, if your device is even able to run IF at max graphics then it should be ok.


Aslong as its at a good temperature it wont explode

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My iPad runs 15 hour flights on max graphics, aircraft on high, and anti aliasing off, and doesn’t even get hot, so you should be fine, maybe show them this topic

this thread should help you out too


All modern-day devices are built to automatically shut off if they reach a specific temperature. You, or your parents, do not need to worry. 🙂

If you really want to reassure them, keep your device on a cool surface. Then there is even less of a reason to worry!


I will say this, wile it’s true it’s definitely not going to explode, having it charging and running for extended periods of time probably isn’t helping it’s longevity. If your doing flights every night all night and during the day just constantly flying you will probably see accelerated degradation from that, but unless you have a serious lemon there should be no real immediate risk of severe damage, just not exactly ideal in the long run.

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Only time my iPad blew up was when @Shane spawned during one of my ATC sessions.

In all seriousness, it will not blow up unless you are playing IF on a stick of dynamite. Might get a little warm occasionally but nothing bad.


Unless you have a Galaxy Note 7 your battery will not explode, simple as that.

However, your device may overheat but that should cause little to no damage to your device but definitely no damage to you or your loved ones.

Yeah I heard only the Note 7 does that… haha just kidding, lithium ion batteries don’t just exploded out of know where. I belive there is a 0.001 percent chance of random failure under stress, which is so little it has only happened once or twice. You might want to show your parents this:

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ngl that’s an irrational worry

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I’m kind of curious what makes them think that to begin with?
I’ve been playing Infinite Flight since December 2012 and so far, no explosions.


I can run 30 hour flights perfectly fine and my device won’t overheat at all. Possibly because my device is fairly new.

In order to convince them, show them the replies to this topic 😂

well my device sometimes becomes painful too touch it’s so hot, including the charger. There are multiple times that I actually thought my charger would blow up, but… it never did lol

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👆👆👆👆👆👆👆 very useful tip, it’s happened to me. At the worst times. Not even while playing infinite flight, I was just outside on a regular Florida day, and it wasn’t particularly hot. I left it in my bag and 30 minutes later I come back and the phone won’t turn on for 30 minutes because it gives me a temperature warning

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What phone you got lad?

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iPhone 11 Pro. Brand new, I’m assuming that’s why they think it finna explode.


Nah it’s not I got A S10e working super well, hope to see you in the skies


  • Will it explode? No, not at all.

  • Will it degrade you battery? Absolutely, IF is a heavy sim and uses power continuously for a long period of time (depending on flight time), so it’ll obviously be degraded, meaning the battery will slowly hold less and less capacity over time, which is really normal for phones, but IF just makes it a tiny bit faster.

  • Conclusion: Should you be worried? Nope.
    But just make sure that when you’re crusing and away from your device, all of your settings are the lowest possible, and place the device on a cool surface, cool as in a glass surface, not your fridge 😂 This will keep your CPU cool, which’ll use less battery.

TL;DR: Be Cool and keep your phones cool.