How to control aircraft on an IPad 12.4pro


Sorry if this is the wrong forum!

I’ve just discovered Infinite Flight and have immediately signed up for the PRO version, I am reasonably competent setting up Flight Plans using your guides however, how do I control any aircraft without the use of a Joystick?

Is it simply a case of tipping the IPad up, down, left and right?

Once I get the AP on I love the app so realistic but I’m desperate to understand how to properly control MANUALLY on my IPad!

Thank you



Yes, that’s it basically.
As for real world pilots I would suggest to try with a small GA aircraft first, and go to a larger then.

In single player mode you could select the training. This start’s in the air and gives you a step by step instruction for the controls.

Have fun!

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Thank you so much for the fast reply!

I know this may sound crazy but no matter if I tip up or down and left or right I’m getting no movement using, for example a 172.

I cannot understand why I’m getting no lateral or vertical movement.

I can turn left or right on the ground no problem but once airborne - nothing?

Am I missing something?



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