How to contact?

how to contact a person who was tower during specific time

If you know their username, they may be on the forum.

all i see is a name next to tower but i search under user and no luck

You might not be able to then :/

Try posting a post, and ask if anyone was on (your airport) tower during _:_Z, and goes by (controllersusername)

twice told me to do left 360 and cleared 2 planes behind me :-( - went to different airport

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What server was this on and where .

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I’m hedging my bets on TS.

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Did this occur on expert?

i won’t complain ts1

Did you catch the name of the controller?

Yes next to tower had a name I can pm to u if u want

Write here username and wait…

Give me the username here.

My goal is not penalty for the person but more to ask why

I’m trying to get you in contact with the person so I need the controller name. There is no penalty involved here. Just to re-clarify, this happened on the expert server correct?

No. TS1. It was training

I had a feeling. You won’t be able to do anything about it, then. You can’t complain about things that occur in the training server because it’s for those who are training to possibly become an IFATC expert controller, hence the name.

For now, you’ll just to deal with the poor controlling until you’re eligible to fly on expert.

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I was not really complaining just feedback thanks

You’re best bet would probably to ask on IFFG or something.