How to contact Tower when there is no active Tower?

Today on Training Server Miami Ground continues to issue the directive I tune into tower after I initiate my taxi. ok great but there is no active Tower Frequency. I am cleared to taxi to my selected RWY for departure and taxi to the hold short line. I can’t find the radio responses on the Ground Frequency to message my intent to take off, so i request a frequency change to Unicom so I can takeoff an advise of my flight path.

So far so good, but after I am approved to switch my frequency by Ground and tune to Unicom and announce I am going to take off and remain in the pattern, ground contacts me to tell me to taxi to my departure RWY and tune to Tower when ready . Im already holding short at that runway. My Taxi is done.
I have just used Unicom to indicate I am going to takeoff , Can"t Ground see that, they just approved my frequency change to Unicom, since there ie jo Tower right . I also do all my read backs on que

So I depart as announced and enter into my pattern.

I make my pattern positions known via Unicom as there is still no working Tower. When established on final I indicate that, and now am contacted by Miami Ground to contact them ,im on a active airport ?
and to establish my intent , ok I’m in the air about to land. I’m on final and I land.

first of all should I have done anything different and secondly, whats up with Miami Ground Control ?

All I could think of is next I’ll get a violation lol.

If I did what I should have done , then maybe ATC could get some guidance too . 🤔


Unfortunately, the Training Server is, as its name suggests, a place for pilots and controllers to train, learn, and build up some experience. That means mistakes and misunderstandings of how ATC works is going to happen, so, you shouldn’t be looking for perfection.

While I can tell that what happened today at KMIA certainly sounds confusing, there’s not much that can be done. The controller would have to refer to the ATC Manual should they wish to continue improving!

Edit: In terms of what you should’ve done, I personally wouldn’t have done anything different. The taxi command, by default, will always include “contact Tower when ready.” If there’s no Tower, then just use UNICOM.


Thanks, thats why I requested to switch to Unicom.
But Ground was relentless in querying me all the way down to the RWY to lsnd…I find that odd…

That sounds a bit like a controller who may not have the best understanding of things. Not much can be done about it, unfortunately. It’s up to them to check out the ATC Guide and learn that way. After all, they’re on a server meant for learning!


Yup, don’t have any issue with that , I was on Training Server to practice , and not mess up someone on Expert. BTW do controllers get controller violations ?
So they have to perform within standards too

IFATC Controllers will not necessarily be given violations, although if the service provided is especially bad, they will be given a warning from the management from IFATC. Hope this helps answer your question.


It answers my question thanks and I hope that Ground Controller on duty sees this topic to improve.

Whoever they are I was the only aircraft they had to manage. My message to them is when a airborne aircraft is established on an indicated final 2 miles from touch down don’t tell them they are “on” an active airport and what is their intent. Particularly when you monitored this flight from pushback. Or get glasses
thanks though

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This is training and someone might have only started ground and not tower. If you are at the runway just check for traffic and takeoff.
Also if ATC is making no sense you can just ignore.

Can this happen on expert though?

I suppose anything is possible. I’d suggest shooting the controller a PM to find out more info if a question should arise. Almost every message has a meaning behind it. It could also be a genuine controlling mistake as well. At the end of the day we’re all human here!
Regards, Zach

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It’s the training server. It’s a server for users to practice. Looks like the controller was confused here @phoenix74.
You seem to get everything correct by the book


Oh I was refering to whether a controller is allowed to open only ground, or if there are airports with only ground and not tower (I know there are some with only tower and not ground).

Absolutely. During peak times or at the daily hub, you’ll likely have two people split Ground (G) and ATIS (S), and the other take Tower (T). To answer your second question, as far as I’m aware there are no airports with just a ground frequency. However there are quite a good bit of smaller class Charlie and Delta airports with just a Tower and or ATIS frequency. These are some of my favorites to control! Hope this helps.

The “meaning” is to

  1. Improve my competence level by peer review
  2. See if anything was worthy of further discussion to
    improve the IF experience by all users on all servers.
  3. Vent some frustration, since being constantly queried by a controller with redundant and misplaced communication made this particular flight session a miserable experience. That can and does happen .

So there is no message within my message. This is it soup to nuts 🙂🙂

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