How to contact ATC?

I would like to know if is possible to put somewhere in the names and email contacts or the ATC , because often problems happen and I would contact them to ask for explanations , is that possible? thank you

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You could always contact the ATC managers, they’d be happy to help. But it would be nice to have a directory for all advanced controllers :)

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If there’s a problem with you and ATC controllers, you can just PM them on the forums

Yes but the problem is that often i cant find them…so will be great if somewhere we have a list of atc with name and contact

Just PM me or any other recruiter/supervisor when there is an issue and we will direct you towards the right person :)

That’s a good idea. For now, just contact an ATC manager or the controller if you know their forum name. I’m sure this will be taken into consideration

Yes but is so long…think about this idea…thank you

What is long? I answer within a day ;)

Maybe you…Anyway is a good idea…

Not all Atc’s are here, and aren’t required to be. So the easiest way is to contact a supervisor or manager.

My idea was just to make a file/page in the community whit all atc NAME/EMAIL…i do know is an idea…

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I bet not everyone wants to share their email.

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Ok but your u can create an email just for atc…

Not everyone wants to make a new email that will be hardly used. Just OM someone like @Tyler_Shelton.

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