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I can start by saying I LOVE THIS GAME. It’s a dream come true for us aviation nerds but it can become very frustrating to do a long haul flight to arrive at your destination airport (that’s live ATC) to get there and be IGNORED by Approach. I totally understand I can get busy sometimes but at that particular time I really wasn’t. Then they say well stay in line with the other pilots I did to only get told that I will he goshted for not following instruction. So can anyone tell me the proper way to contact approach like what’s the proper distance to contact. This is the 3rd time this week and don’t won’t to be kick off

Did this happen on expert?

If they don’t say anything to you it’s probably because you are “unknown”. To avoid that you shouldn’t be multitasking on your device.

For contacting approach I made this if you want. lots of people think it’s useful so have a look

(Also check the tutorials A sample start to finish flight (Infinite Flight 101)
You're talking to approach... Now what?)

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So they just don’t respond at all? FYI, you can’t open other applications during your flight. That can cause you to become “unknown” to controllers.

Read up on your tutorials. You're talking to approach... Now what?

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This haven’t been a problem for a few months now.

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