How to contact a user that you see as you fly?

many times I’d like to contact someone but do not know how to do. It would be nice if there was A bottom where you could ask the friendship or contact him. it already exists? if not you think for the next update. thanks ciao to all.

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The only way at the moment is to see if they’re on the forums, or if you can’t find them then ask does anybody know them, or ask on fan pages such as IFFG or IFWP. It would be good if the app could connect you to other players on the forums :)

but it is very primitive … it would be nice to have a button to request friendship or contact you. do not you think?


Next update?

as you are witty! I for example, I want to contact the xx23fd user, how do I ??

I said posting on here or the fan groups is a solution for now but I agreed with you that a ‘contact user’ feature may be good on the sim if it’s linked to the forums, how is that witty?

For this comment and that above i said witty

Hi sir!

Here is a feature request regarding “friendlist”

You have an app to find a user and get notifications when he’s flying or controlling,

Oh!thank you mate!

Why don’t u just send him an e-Mail ?

An email?and where I find their email?

If u click in my profile picture above you should see my profile. It says “Message” there. Click on that and you ll contact me personally and in private (“Privat Message”)

Friend, you do not understand, I intend to contact the users that you see as you fly, not those of the forum. do you understand me?

Ah, yes I do now. Sorry :-)