How to contact a fellow controller on other frequency?

Hi Team,

Is there a way to chat with the controller on the other frequencies in IF?

For example, I am controlling GND and I want to sync something with the TWR. How could I do that?

Thank you


Best to contact an ATC supervisor as I don’t believe this is possible! The supervisors may know more!

No, this is not possible. If you decide to join IFATC then you will gain access to the IFATC discord server which allows controllers to communicate

As the Manual says:

Once open, liaison must be made with the other Controllers to determine runway selection for departures and arrivals, as well as scanning where traffic currently is within the layout of the airport.

I was expecting something simple…

Thanks anyways…


Hello Tim,

Currently there is no direct way via the app to communicate with a controller.

As mentioned above, once you join the IFATC team for the Expert Server you’ll have access to the IFATC Discord Server which can be utilized to communicate with other controllers.

In the meantime whilst you controlling on the training server, I recommend if you need to communicate with the controller on the other frequency you could so by setting up a PM directly with the controller via the IFC if they have an IFC account.

Have fun controlling and I hope to see you apart of the IFATC team in the future!

Take care!


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