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As you know the update recently came out. I don’t know if it’s just coincidence but I feel like the battery on my device now has a hard time keeping up even when I have it plugged in. I play on an iPhone 11 Pro Max. It’s less than a year old. I’ve fully charged the battery and have done day to day things with it and the battery doesn’t seem to lose life any faster than it did brand new. I’ve tried a hard reset on the phone, different cable, and also have adjusted settings with the game to conserve power. The only thing I haven’t tried yet it a higher watt charger.

So, when I am flying with my charger connected the phone is charging but the percentage of battery life slowly drops. Yes, the phone does get warm.

I’m just wondering if with the new update there are some “larger files” or much more especially with the 777 rework. Or is my charger at fault and can I use a 20W charger instead of the 5W? Or will it make a difference? Or can I uninstall and reinstall the app (without losing my stats) because of possible corrupt files on my phone when I did the update?

I hope this makes some bit of sense. Thank you for your time!

A 5W power adapter isn’t very capable of charging a battery the size of the 11 Pro Max while running a high-intensity application. You can defiantly use your 20W adapter (I use a 65W one); however, battery degradation will increase. If you want to stick to the 5W brick, lower your graphic settings and brightness. This will allow the phone to receive more power than what it’s using.

This normally happens when I new update comes out on IF for my device.

You are welcome to post in #support.

Using a high quality charger is always recommended. Some cheaper cables just lack the volts to keep up. Also make sure you are in low power mode as well as turn down your brightness the help.


And that’s what I don’t understand. I thought the pro Max was supposed to come with a higher watt charger

It should’ve. The 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max shipped with an 18W brick and USB-C to Lightning cable. If I am missing something, please let me know!

Thank you!

You are probably very right. I don’t remember mine coming with a charger like that. But I need to look and see if I put the box somewhere.

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Update. I bought a 20W charger with lightning cable. Problem solved