How to conserve fuel

I’m planning on doing a 8:15 to 8:30 hour flight from SFO-KEF with a Icelandair 757, the 757 has a flight time of just under 9 hours according to IF. How can I conserve fuel to be safe, and I can’t step climb because I have to get to bed for school in the morning

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Have a low vertical speed(vs), around 100 or 200, once you make it to 28,000. I usually do that when I do overnight flights.


And don’t have a lot of cargo, every bit counts.


that might be a problem. but i would say that if you want to be “safe” you can set load at minimum and load enough fuel to get you there. low vs should also help.

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I’m planning on waking up a little early to make sure everything is okay and worst case scenario I have a diversion airport in Greenland to land at

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Hey Noah,

The 757-200 has a max range of 3915nm / 4500 miles.

SFO-KEF has a great circle route of 3653nm / 4204 miles.

So, as you mentioned, you want to watch the fuel flow.

Recommend limiting both passenger load and cargo. When I preplan a flight For my job, I constantly communicate with both dispatch and ground crews. Obviously this isn’t possible in IF so you’ll need to take it into account for yourself.

Also, have a backup airport in case you need to divert for fuel prior to reaching KEF.


You can cruise at a lower altitude until you lighten up from fuel weight then move on to higher altitudes to burn less in thinner air

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I’m planning on being light and I have a diversion airport on the South coast of Greenland with a 6,000 foot runway if need be

I have done a flight of longer length KGJT-EGLL (about 4200nm) in the 752 just set your cruise speed about M0.01-M0.03 lower than you’d normally have it, so probably about M0.75.

I would also suggest that you takeoff with a reasonable climb rate, as I see many people flying their 737 as if it was a space shuttle. Climbing out at full throttle/high VS is definitley going to burn more fuel than needed.

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