How to connect throttle quadrant and Joystick

I have a extreme 3d Pro joystick, and a Twcs throttle quadrant. They both have a USB cable that can be connected to a computer. Right now, I am using a mac book air (2015) with 2 USB ports. How do I play infinite flight like this? I am very confused. I am using a IPad Pro (2019 with type C port) to play Infinite flight. And thank you.

Extreme 3d Pro joystick:

TWCS throttle quadrant:

Hey there!

Using a joystick in Infinite flight isn’t really the easiest, but if you follow these steps you’ll find it really easy! I have a mabcook pro and the same joystick, here’s how I do it:

1.) Go into the App Store and install the “LiveFlightConnect” application, this will enable you to connect your joystick to Infinite flight.

2.) After you’ve downloaded the app, go into your Infinite flight settings and under “General” click the “Enable liveflightconnect” option

3.) Plug in your joystick into your MacBook Pro, and make sure that your MacBook and your device you play infinite flight on are on the same wifi! You should get this pop up when you enter the Liveflight application.

4.) Launch infinite flight, and once you connect you should get this “Connected!” pop up, and you’re good to go.

Hope this helps, good luck with the joystick!


Thanks for the help! 👍😉

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