How to connect IPad to monitor


Recently I have been looking to enhance my experience on infinite flight and one of the ways I was thinking of doing this was to play on a bigger screen. I have tried to connect to a Samsung tv using AirPlay wit h Apple TV however it was quite laggy.

So I decided perhaps a monitor could work. Which leads me to my question- is there an adaptor that can connect an iPad to a monitor and if so are there any recommendations on what monitor I should buy (price range around 100 aus dollars)


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Hey @AD1314.

If I’m not mistaken, you can connect your Apple or Android device via HDMI cable to a PC Monitor. But that’s only the monitor and not the PC itself. You can see the displays on a bigger screen, but can not control the aircraft from that monitor.

Hope this help!

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Thanks for the reply:)

Yes I think that’s what I’m looking for. I have a joystick and live flight connect on my Mac so I’m pretty sure you can use keys from that computer to do actions like flaps down etc…

Does anyone have a setup like this or similar to?

I have a MacBook. All it takes is a USB and a USB-C with a plug for the other USB to connect to. With QuickTime aboard the Mac, I can record movies.

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Which iPad do you have?

(It really only changes the instructions if you have the most recent pro with USB-C…)


I have the iPad Pro 6th generation

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Wait, are you sure about that? Do you have a 6th generation IPad? Or an IPad Pro?

Does it look like this?,0.5&.v=1563570657454

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Hey sorry about the confusion.
It says in the model name: Ipad (6th generation)
Perhaps it isn’t a pro, sorry, I though it was.


There are many methods for screen mirroring. I’d just tell you to search “iOS to PC Screen mirroring”

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Yes this could definitely work. I’ll check it out :) However do you think airplay to the monitor (I have an apple tv) would be easier? And more importantly, better? (as in frame rate/lag etc)

I don’t know since I don’t have an iOS lol

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You could buy the adapter by Apple which should help. I agree that Airplay needs some work still. I’ll link it below.
Lightning Digital AV Adapter

This should work for hdmi


Hahha ok thanks. I definitely think the HDMI cable idea is not worth it now…

Aren’t HDMI ports like thicker than the iPad itself?

Yeah, when I did it to my tv is was quite laggy. I was thinking somehow it might be better to a monitor. Idk. The adapter is quite expensive but if I can find that it works very well I’d be willing to give it a go.

Check above. I added the link

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Thanks. Do you think this would work better than airplay?

Yes for sure. I’ve actually used airplay on IF and it’s bad. This should work for any HDMI compatible device eg: tv, monitor, projector, etc

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Thanks very much. I just want to make sure because of the price that it would be worth it over airplay. I’ll give it some thought. Thanks again for everybody help.

This may be closed :)

@AD1314 if you do decide to buy an adapter do some research on other ones maybe and make sure it’s fully compatible with what you have because that would be really bad if I recommended the wrong thing.

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