How to Connect Infinite flight to Discord?

Hello all…
I want to know how to connect discord with infinite flight. because I saw some people on the discord, I could see their activity on the discord playing Infinite Flight and the route could be seen. so I’m curious how 🤔

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This is something to do with the Android Game Launcher, which, as the title of the feature suggests, is something that’s Android only.

From there I think it’s possible to link your launcher to Discord and from there, allowing Discord to display what games you’re playing, and how long for.

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Sorry I misunderstood the question 😅

Hiya @Nathanael_Phang ,

From what I recall, this is currently exclusive to Samsung devices using the game launcher. The game launcher supports something called “discord rich presence”, which allows discord to read and display data from certain games and apps (this also happens on PC).

As far as I’m aware, this is currently only available through the Samsung game launcher, and there aren’t any other devices that support it. Hope this answers your question!


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