How to connect in another device?

Hello fellas,

Really need a help. I purchased a new device to play IF but when I select the app from the playstore it shows I need to buy it again.

Do you know what is the right procedure to do?


Do you have the same ID on your other device? If you have different IDs it won’t show as purchased and you’ll have to rebuy unless you go back into your other devices ID.


Adding onto what @infiniteflight_17 said above:

Unfortunately purchases made through the App Store or Google Play Store do not transfer to the opposing App Store, whether Apple or Android. Each App Store has control over their own purchases, not allowing them to be honored by the opposite store, much like a game for Xbox would not be recognized by PlayStation.


That’s exactly the same ID and google account. Truly sad!

I just checked some other topics with similar issues. You may have to bring this up to Googles attention since Google is responsible for these payments I believe but I’d wait for the support team to give you information before doing that.

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This should definitely not be required on a new device. But if you’re sure 100% it’s the same Google account, follow the steps below :


That worked (cleaning cache), @schyllberg! Thanks for the awesome service.

Thanks you too @infiniteflight_17 for the help and also the other guy above. Lets fly