How to connect a joystick?

Hi there I didn’t know what category I’m meant to use but I was trying to find the thread on what website to use to connect a joystick to IF but I cannot find it, does someone know what website to use to connect a joystick to IF?

In my opinion the best (and only (?)) app to use is this: Map Connect v2 | Providing joystick support in Infinite Flight

You just need a PC to get it working.

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thank you, hopefully it works

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When searching the forum, this was one of the results:

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i have done all the steps but it just says connecting

Just to confirm, can you please verify that the following steps have been performed:

  • The box next to “Enable Infinite Flight Connect” is ticked. (Open IF → Settings → General → Enable Infinite Flight Connect)
  • Both your IF device and your PC are connected to the same network.

It’s easy to miss these steps, but if either one is not performed, MapConnect will be unable to establish a connection between the PC and your IF device. Verify that you’ve unlocked your device and have opened IF as well, of course - otherwise, IF’s Connect API will not be broadcasting over the network, and it will prevent Map Connect from functioning.

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yeah everything is correct

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