How to connect a joystick?

I have a extreme 3d pro joystick with a android simulator, but the joystick isn’t showing in game, anyone know why?

Have you checked all the tutorials regarding joysticks?

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I have follow as the passage said, I am using live flight connect, after I plug in the joystick, I go to check the device show in game, but it is not showing the joystick

I have the same joystick as you and I have no issues. Can you click on the “Show Devices” in the Controls section of settings to see if Infinite Flight recognises your yoke but not its inputs?

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It is not detecting anything

Alright. Can you confirm that you are not using LiveFlight Connect, but you are connecting the joystick directly to your device via a USB/OTG cable?

I am connecting my joystick directly to my windows10 and my windows10 is running the android simulator, the simulator is not detecting the joystick, even if I use live flight, the game isn’t detecting the joystick too

Do you mean it’s running an Andriod emulator rather than simulator? If so, what program are you using (BlueStacks, Nox, etc)?

It is not working on both BlueStacks and Nox

Yes I understand, but you are not answering my question, are you currently using any of these programs?

Here is a tutorial on how to connect BlueStacks to Infinite Flight, have a read through it.

If you are playing Infinite Flight on your phone (not on your PC; without an emulator), can you successfuly connect your joystick via a cable or LiveFlight Connect?

The post isn’t telling how to set up the joystick,it is just tell how to use infinite flight with a keyboard

I am using BlueStacks

Okay, now for the second part of my answer:

The live flight connect is unable to connect to my iphone, I have no idea why? But I am sure that infinite flight support the extreme 3d pro joystick

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