How to connect a controller

Device: IPad 13,16
Hello all,
Haven’t been on in ages but coming back to it,
I used to play on a controller but all yt tutorials of how to connect a controller are for the older versions of if.
Could anyone let me know how to connect a ps5 controller to if now that it has changed or whether it’s even possible.

Basically, just connect the controller to your iPad, then you can remap the buttons as necessary by going to settings, Controls, then DualSense Controller.

Hi @TheBest
but nothing happens when I press any of the buttons or joysticks?
Also at the top it says api controller not dualsense


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First, you have to connect it before the IF app is open. Close all apps, then connect said controller.

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Thank you @TheBest

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I tried to use a PS5 controller with IF and it worked sort of… the camera was just spinning around and around 😂

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