How to complete the 'Advanced user tutorial'?

Hi there! I want to know how to complete the Advanced user tutorial guide but how do i do it? I also want to get his badge below!:D
if someone can help me that will be great!;D

Send a PM to @discobot, once there type @discobot display help and it will take you from there.

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


The command promot to start the tutorial is ‘@ discobot start advanced tutorial’. :)


Can you show me how to do that please?

So just a brief over view of what you said:)
I send a private meassage to discobot and then type help to him and that’s it?

Yes, but sorry my bad, its @discobot display help . not /help

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Ok i will try that now!:)

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Do i just say this to him?

Yes, once you do disco bot will reply with a message like so:

just follow disco’s instructions from there.

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Ah ok so after i say ‘Discobot display help’ what do i say after that to him?

It came up with this for me!:)

It will be explained in the message, or you can copy-paste this in from the get-go:

‘@ discobot start {advanced tutorial}’

(remove the inverted commas and the space between the tag)

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Okay! I will try that now!:)

But as soon as that happens, he says the same thing again!!

You need to remove the space between the @ sign and his name as well as the inverted commas at the start and end.

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Ah ok let me try that then

Like this?

You still need to remove the inverted commas, I’m talking about these things > ’ ’


Okay sorry

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