How to complete 6-7 hour flights

Hello! So my question is how will I go about completing some medium haul flights? Normally I would complete a 13 hour flight say from KLAX-RJTT before I go to sleep, set nav and trust that my autopilot and my calculations are correct with time, fuel etc. But I feel like im not getting the ful experience out of the flight. I love the game! And i want to have the best experience possible. Any suggestions on how to complete a KJFK-EGLL during the day? Thanks Much -Ethan Lembree Grade 3

Leave your device on and do something else, not much more I can say.

I have my iPad going next to me while I use my laptop, phone or TV etc. If you don’t have anything else then don’t do it during the day.

This has been answered quite a few times. Please search the forum and browse a few topics. Thanks!