How to communicate to ATC to check the winds??

Flight is VFR, Departure from YSCN, aircraft is SR22, runways are 28-10 (grass strip) 06-24 (paved). ATIS information states winds are 220@08 and departure runways are 24, 28. upon start up I check the winds and they were really 057@10kts. So I request to YSCN ground to take runway 06. Controller cleared me for runway 28 (short grass strip w/ 10kts tailwind). I kept requesting 06 for safety but he/she just told me to check the guidelines. He/ She then proceeded to log off and I announced my takeoff intentions on the CTAF for a runway 06 departure. I don’t want to be that guy that wants to report someone, because if all that controller sees is the ATIS information, then runway 06 wouldn’t be all that great. flying GA it is paramount we get the right runway and I need the controller to be informed of why I make the decision as PIC


Hey, do you know the name of the controller? If yes then I recommend you talking to him directly maybe he had some reason maybe not, if you don’t have I’ll check for you

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