How to close tower and ground properly?

I need some help and it would be much appreciated.i can’t find a way to to announce that tower and or ground will be closing . So I have just been leaving which is not cool I know. I don’t like it when others do it to me.

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There’s an option that says “broadcast message.”

[[ You can choose any aircraft and it will allow you to broadcast the message to ALL aircraft.]]

There, you will see and choose one of three options:

Attention all aircraft, tower is closing in…(5, 2 or 1) minutes.

And finally, when you’re officially done… You will broadcast a message to everyone that says:

Attention all aircraft, tower is now closed. Good day.

I hope this helps! (:

Also, as you can see in image number 2… That is what you will choose to tell everyone when you are completely done with tower work. I personally tell everyone when there are 5, 2 and 1 minute left for the tower to close since there are new people joining every so often.


Thank you so much . That was just what I needed . I appreciate it very much ! Oh and by the way I’m a KINGS KIDD also 😇


Really?? Oh wow that’s so awesome to know, brother!! ((:

You’re absolutely welcome! I hope it helps (:

God bless you ❤️❤️☝🏼️

Be sure to lock the door on your way out :-P

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The only problem with that answer is that there has to be an active aircraft either on your tower or ground queue tab to be able to… otherwise you have to just disappear…l commented a while back that the devs need to install a hot button on the atc command list that would allow any necessary auxiliary functions like that whether you had any actives or not…hopefully they will comply in a future update…but don’t hold your breath…

If there isnt any aircrafts on any of your frequency, it doesnt matter if you do it or not

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What I do, especially if a lot of people are waiting in line for takeoff (It’s better if they were waiting for a good hour or so), is I tell these planes to back taxi and exit the runway, then contact ground. Then I tell them to taxi to parking. And before I leave, I send a “Thankyou Good Day”.

– ATC Supervisor

True enough…but from what l have heard from other ATC…it is almost normal for the app to freeze and need to be reloaded before the end of a controller session…so guess its better to just disappear anyway…

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