How to Climb/Descend Realistically

Hello! Welcome to another one of my tutorials! :)

I found this website that provides realistic* climb and speed rates. I’ve been using it for a while and it really does feel realistic, so I decided to share the website with you all.

You can search the website for the aircraft of your liking or just use this direct link that takes you to the entensive directory. Some aircraft performance charts may not have info entered in them.

There’s a section that’s called “MACH Climb” after passing FL240, for Infinite Flight’s sake, you should apply climbing to/descending to FL240 to FL280 instead, since SPD autopilot changes to MACH at that stage.

I hope you guys use these performance charts to make your climb/descent rates and your Infinite Flight experience, overall, more realistic.

If you missed it, here’s the website link again:

Happy Flying! :D

*I am not a real pilot, so I’m not sure if these rates would be considered realistic.


These aircraft descend quite fast… -3000 fpm in an a320 is like a nose dive on IF


When I descend that fast, I usually apply flight spoilers and positive trim so it doesn’t look like a nosedive.


All rates are realistic, it still comes down to the weight distribution. Kicking off your flight with a solid vertical speed is the best practice.

Still great find on the website buddy :)

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