How to Choose Between Gauges on the 172

Hi Everyone, I wanted to know if you’re able to change from the steam gauge to the Garmin 1000s? I have the Garmin 1000 on most of the liveries but I didn’t know how or if I could get them on the Civil Air Patrol livery. Does anyone know how?

You cant. Whatever you get is what you get.

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Hi there,

To change to the G1000 you need to load with a different livery for the 172.

Livery Panel
Civil Air Patrol Steam Gauge
Default Steam Gauge
Embry Riddle G1000
F-HATZ G1000
N1322K G1000
N456DX G1000
Near North Aviation Steam Gauge
Yellow Blue Steam Gauge

By the way I was on solo and there are some C172s that are free and some you need with pro sub, I’m guessing the pro required C172s have the G1000 panel?

That’s correct, the G1000 requires a pro subscription 😊