How to check winds aloft?

How do you get to see which way the winds are going now

Use a website like Windy or EarthWindMap. :)
If you’re speaking about seeing them directly on the map in Infinite Flight, it was a development feature only.


If you are on hud full you can at least see the winds where you are flying. Check for winds outside where you are.


Windy allows you to check wind speed, direction, and a multitude of other weather factors at different altitudes. I use it all the time and I highly recommend it.


Windy’s fantastic - seems to be general consensus here too. They have mobile apps too, at least for iOS, so there are lots of access options.

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If you create your flightplan in SimBrief, the flight plan will tell you what winds to expect throughout your flight

I know 4 people already said what source they use for winds but I too use Much more information and detail there than some other sources such as displaying airports and looking at current METARs. Pretty accurate as well.


If you want to see how winds are all along your route then use an application like simBrief. it will alert you to your conditions along the way and reroute you if there is projected bad weather!

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Windy Windy Windy fetch me that website, will you? Jk just a joke lol

How do you use windy can you see different flight levels

Simply use that little slider on the right side. :)


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