How to check weather

Is there anyway I can find out a easy way to tell if my flight will be smooth or not ?


You can use to check winds.

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Yeah but how can I check if it’s gonna be smooth or mot

What exactly do you mean by smooth?

If windy,com doesn’t answer tour question,

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Like how can I check how my flihnt will be line wind and stuff

The website above should solve that

the website shows u the winds at different altitudes, the orientation they coming from, and their speeds

Ok I’m gonna do a flight from Dublin to London wanna join?

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I’m already en route to Manchester

Ah ok I’m using a 777

That’s a big plane for such a short route but ok

nah im already flying sorry. U can pm next time

@Lewis_Ryan you already asked this question on a separate topic and you were given many detailed answers that were more than suitable for your questions.

Pleased refrain from creating more topics that are exactly the same, you do this on a regular basis and it’s not needed. Have a little bit of initiative and search yourself before making a topic again.

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What plane shall I use ?

Also, let’s not turn this thread into a chat room. If you have a question about a flight, feel free to message whoever you would like to fly with, if not, let’s not clog up the thread. :)

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Sorry my bad

Refer to the posts made by other users and try to ask relevant questions that have not yet been answered. :)

Here, use this.