How to check weather

Anyone know how to check the weather before and during your flight?

If you tap on an airport at the beginning of a flight (and during the flight), you can see the weather on the screen. Let me decode it for you quickly…

Let’s say you see 290@6 in Lisbon. This means that the winds are at 6kts, coming from (not going to) 290 degrees heading.

You can use this to perpare departure and arrival runways, as well as decide how much fuel you may need for your flight.

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Is there any kinda websites to look on?

You can also use for your flights!

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How do I use this ?

Use the slider on the left to control the altitude of weather that you are looking for. Above that, you can select the type of radar you are looking for.

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If you see here, you can see how to plan with this by using this tool.

Just side it up


Where’s that ?

Are you using a phone or an IPad?

I fly on I pad but on phone atm

Are you be mobile? If yes, it will appear when you click on the bars on bottom right.

If not, it will just be at bottom right.

Ok. There should be 3 lines like this


Click on this and you’ll see surface

Yh I done it, how would this help?

It’ll show you what the winds are at that altitude

Like what areas should I avoid which colours ?

You can see the winds, and any other type of weather that you desire, like you asked.

You should avoid these colors if it’s a headwind.


If it’s a tailwind. Any is fine

Is it good if the lines are going this way?

It depends on which way your flying

Whichever direction the lines are going is the direction of the winds.