How to check on status to be able to report people as ATC

LAX is just a joke sometimes, 75% don’t listen and just act as if it’s the Wild Wild West. Very frustrating when the other 25% are following the rules and directions and it just causes a cluster… How does one get to be able to responsibly report people not following along or is that for advanced only?

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It is what it is, a playground.

Come to advanced for quality service, I think LAX is open there at the moment.

You can only ghost people if you are an advanced ATC currently.

I’m not certified for advanced ATC, I can manage most airports just fine but still need some practice for running the very busy (like LAX with 30+ inbound outbound) ones. Wish there was a way I could go adv ATC but just be limited to smaller airports until I’m polished.

Sorry, I thought you were a pilot, not a controller.

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Actually all ATC Trainee’s start out on Delta airfields only and then you work your way up the ranks. If you feel confident then visit the ATC recruiting post and get in touch with a recruiter :)


No worries

Good to know, will do.