How to charge and use a Joystick (Android)

Hello community.

In regards to joystick users, specifically to Android users. I have now tested a proof of concept. For those of us that would like to do long hauls as well as use a joystick. If your device allows for wireless charging, a 5 watt charger and above will do the trick for long hauls. Simply place your device on a wireless charger while flying and it will maintain a charge throughout the flight.

Warning: It is reccomended that you keep scenic on as well as brightness down as wireless charging can heat your device up.


Sounds sketchy with how hot it could get… My iPhone X gets super hot from wireless charging, so I can’t imagine running IF AND a joystick. and don’t you dare say it’s my phone’s fault lol


You could always put a fan.


Well have fun with your electricity bill lol, wireless charging isn’t very efficient and along with a fan, a joystick and a device running IF that is a considerable amount of $$$ if you use it a lot.

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I use a usb mini fan it will keep it perfectly cool

(P.s I Phone. .lol)

Eesh don’t recommend that, they destroy your battery. I mean they can like 100% ruin it.

Wireless charging can?

Not really, wireless charging doesn’t have direct contact with your battery, although no charging of your battery is healthy, which is why I like to keep my phone unplugged as much as possible. I spent $999 on a phone, I expect to keep it at least a few years lol.

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Also try not to get it to 0% But let’s get back on topic


I do it often and it doesn’t matter !
Btw i love long haul flight :)

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@Tegar_Kusuma good stuff! I’m going to do another long haul in a few hours.

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Ok, but instead of using a wireless charger, I would probably just set A/P and then unplug the joystick…

@Patria hahahaha see you in the sky bro :D

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