How to change voice in IF?

Aww. Well, at that point I am no help. I don’t have experience with Android. Sorry bud.

I might get IOS soon so it’s ok

Doesn’t work, I’ve tried. Unless it works now, I tried this a few months ago.

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On Android you have to change the Text to Speech, not sure how though

So if you change it to male it’s a male atc?

It’s possible on Android too, check out the tutorial linked below! :)


I did it! Thanks guys

This post just made .e go and buy some “guy” voice for .99 in the playstore. I hope it works for me.

That’s correct. (FOR IOS)

Awesome!😎 Thanks!

Hmm, does not seem to be working for me…


I have a hot sounding austrailian chick for my ATC voice. ;)


I had this same issue but after about half an hour of fiddling, I figured it out.
Settings - General - Accessibility - Speech


I made it Australian once, the ATC voice got the accent so perfectly! :)

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Omg, thankyou so much!!! Really appreciate it!

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Lol same here

Wait so you can do it on iOS now?

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Tell me how!! I changed my Siri to female Aussie but ATC still has that annoying monotone -_-

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What tou using?

@Patrick_U give us the answer 🙏🏼