How to change Unicom on different airports

Hi, I’m new to Live (bought it today) and I’m not sure how to change the Unicom from one airport to another. So when I land on KOAK from KPAO it doesn’t change Unicom. Any help is useful, cheers!

Click on the headphone icon which symbolizes ATC. Then in the top left corner of that box, click on the “Back” button. That should take you to the list of Unicoms. Select the Unicom you desire.

For example, once you’re on your way into PAO, click the headset, go to the ATC menu, and pick “KPAO Unicom [Frequency here]”.

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Thank you! I hope it works.

The same applies for ATC. If you ever get an on guard warning from an active ATC, and you are on unicom, you should probably switch to their frequency and say your intentions.

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Unicoms will only show up once you are >25nm from the airport though.

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