How to change my username

Can anyone help me and tell me how do I change my user name its currently Mc_king12 but I would like to change it how do I do that ??

Hey there! Go ahead and send a message to the @moderators group with the new username you’d like and they’ll be able to assist you. Cheers!

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As @infiniteflight_17 said contact @moderators remember you can only change your name once


Hey thanks for the help but how do I contact them? Iam very sorry for this inconvenience but i don’t know alot about these things sorry 😐 😞

No worries at all. On my original post above, click on the moderators text that is bolded which should bring up a page. On the page it’ll give you the option to click “message” and from there you write out your intentions and send it off to them.

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Thank you so much

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