How to change my account setting

for some reasons i used my work email to register on the game.
and by mistake it made open a Facebook account and i want to change the email and cancel the Facebook account created while signing up
can someone help?

Go to main screen press on you name then press log out and then when it asks you to log back in press log in with facebook and sign in with the email you want :)

what about all i have achieved in my old account?
like the xp etc.i dont want to have to start at fresh

yes i have a live subscription

I just created a similar post. Couldn’t find this topic using search. But basically I am in almost exactly the same boat. Have two accounts, one on google and one on Facebook. I want them merged, or the lesser one deleted outright.

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someone gave me the solution i think he works for the game.but to do it will put you offline for a little time.havent dne it yet

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