How to change/deny entry to runway (as Tower)?


I have noticed that you sometimes get approach assigning a certain runway, when you noticed it’s faster to have that changed (e.g. at WMKK, LAX) as a tower. Certain pilots don’t seem to get/notice if you clear them for another runway or option.
Question, what do you do to communicate it properly… ?
I have used option to reply with the “new” runway number- used the “please follow instructions” from messages too when the pilot keeps asking for permission to enter the “other” runway.
Obviously these things happen when you are very busy and one in the line doesn’t listen but I miss a quick and clear way to communicate this.
What would be a nice work around or button suggestion? What are your ideas?

my suggestion would be add
" due to landing/ departure pattern your runway is changed to #… full stop/please proceed?"
" due to weather changes your runway is changed to #… full stop/please proceed?"

and I also miss a
" you are not cleared to take off from this runway" button in the misc. messages


If you push ils approach and then radar vectors then the right runway it will tell pilot that the requested runway is closed.