How to change ATC/Pilot voices

Lately i was have been interested in changing my atc/pilot voice. When I went on YouTube
I saw that you can change your atc voice on IOS, by downloading more voices in ios settings. But even after trying I’m still stuck with the basic voices! It’s hard to tell if this functionality has been removed or not because most of the posts about this topic are old.
Does anyone know if this atc voice add on is still a thing ? And if yes please tell me how to do it !

Try clicking on your username in the upper right corner, going to the online tab and then scrolling down to pilot voice.

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Yes im doing that, but like I previously said I still only have the 8 basic voices and can’t scroll to see the ones I downloaded…

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If your device is android, then try changing your TTS service to Google. It has a lot more accents and languages. I wasn’t able to change also, this helped me.

I have the same thing. It might be some issue with the compatibility of IF’s TTS voice service and Apple’s TTS. The only voices I’ve been able to successfully get downloaded were the Alex US, Tom US, and the Karen UK voice. Other than that, for now on iOS that might be the most we get. Before a ton of voices worked but one time the whole TTS service went out and that might have made compatibility different.

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We used to be able to use all the TTS voices. Unfortunately, a few years back there was an issue and they had to stop supporting a lot of them, unfortunately including all the enhanced voices. There hasn’t been an update for a while so I guess there’s not anything they can do. So yeah, we’re stuck with these ones for now.

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I downloaded many voices in iPadOS settings and these are the voices that IF recognized. I don’t know if anything has changed recently.

how do you download more voices?

Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Spoken Content > Voices > English



On the latest versions of iOS/iPadOS, it’s just
Settings > accessibility > spoken content > voices > english

But unfortunately, I won’t recognise most of these, as explained above.

how do i get them to infinite flight

You can’t, it’s essentually broken. I believe Apple did something to their TTS system. What used to happen is that you would download them all and they would appear in the voice selection bit in IF.

It’s no longer available?

Correct, yes.

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