How to center a picture

I am creating a post atm, but I can’t figure out how to center a picture. I tried the steps in the “How to use the IFC” regarding how to center a text but apparently it doesn’t work the same way because if I do it that way, the image disappears and it’s only showing the link text. I would appreciate a bit of help :)

This is how to do it. It’s disappearing? Make sure you have no other text with the image link.

he said that he looked at it already

I literally said I checked out that topic…

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Yes, if I do it like this it only shows the link

I don’t think you can. I tried before. I think you would have to centre at least one character of text on the line before the image.

Still not working

no space between the alignment and image (aka. the problem)

![test image|600x600](upload://9HAnnERh8a3BKJ6gfSJ35RqMvg5.png)

Exactly that happens to me too

the test was a demonstration btw. should make it easier for users to understand the problem

You need to have a space between the alignment and image

<div align=center>

![test image|600x600](upload://9HAnnERh8a3BKJ6gfSJ35RqMvg5.png)

I did so, tried it with and without space between

Are you able to show us the exact formatting?

that worked for me!

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cries in dumbness
I added a div closing tag and apparently it’s only needed with text

note from creator of the test image (me): you can use the image whenever you want to try something out with images!

Thanks for helping!

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Thanks mate

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Have a look at the topic below if you have any further questions.