How to cancel

How do I cancel my subscription

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Go to settings, Account, then it should be the top option saying “Manage Subscription”

Hey, to bring you more accurate help, are you using Android or iOS?

Go to your App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android) and look for the manage subscriptions or payment methods, then look for Infinite Flight and pause it or full cancel the subscription.

Sad to see you are cancelling your subscription. Hope to see you back soon!

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Will you still be on IFC?

I’ll second this and we understand some times life calls. Hope to see you back soon! Take care :)


One question if you buy a sub for a month and then pause the sub will you still be able to reactivate it let’s say after two months?

Pausing a subscription means that once the current payment period ends, the app/store won’t automatically renew the subscription unless you reactivate it.

To clarify, pausing doesn’t freeze the subscription, and you can still use the app even while it’s paused. However, once the pause period ends, you’ll need to renew the subscription for another month to continue using it.

It’s so sad bro, see you in 3/4 months I guess (You ha e to buy a phone if I understand)

I will still be on the IFC I will just on on the community less then I used to