How to cancel subscription?

I’m trying to cancel my infinite flight subscription. When I go to infinite flight and click “manage my subscription,” it never shows up in my settings (iOS), however 100kr/£10 still comes out of my account every month

If you got Android phone, simply go to Play Store app and cancel the live sub there😎
Its on the list

In the case of iphone, go to Google Play.
Let me know how you get on, sad to see you go!

We all go through multiple things in life, but it truly is sad to see members depart. I wish you a farewell and would love if we could fly together one last time.

The user has an iOS device. Google Play has absolutely no involvement here

This is a helpful article, otherwise you can cancel a sub through the app store.

Clicking on your user, there should be an option for Subscriptions in the pop up. You can click on the subscription specific to Infinite Flight and cancel it there.


Apple has subtly changed how this works.

Settings > iCloud Account (located at the top) > Media and Purchases > Sign In Prompt > Scroll to “Subscriptions”

Should be located in there, because apparently the App Store isn’t cool enough for it anymore

Edit: User edited in the official link above. Same advice there.


Yes you’re correct, i got confused here with App Store on iphone🙃
So check out the settings as above!

The “Manage subscripton” does however redirect to this page. So it should show up. - are you positive that you purchased the subscription on the same Apple-ID as you’re currently signed in with?

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