How To Calculate Your -Trip Fuel-

Calculating fuel in infinite flight is pretty easy now. As you may hear you need to calculate your ETE dest to calculate your
fuel but when you’re at a full stop your ETE dest should look like ETE dest: :. So the easy way to calculate your trip
fuel is to go on a flight traker like Flightradar24, Flightaware and so on.

So First step: Find you’re ETE Dest Flightaware Quick link

Second Step: How much fuel does your plane use per hour (highlighted in red) You can also change the wight to Kg and Lbs


Last step: Multiply ETE dest --by-- fuel burn per hour

[[Warning]]-- ETE dest is calculated in decimals :Eg - 1.25 = 1 hour and 25 mins

I hope it helped some of you.

Hi there,

I’m afraid that there is already a tutorial on flight planning.


It’s good, but does it account for reserve fuel if you need to divert?

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