How to calculate V speeds?

I could not find a calculation that is Infinite Flight Friendly, it was this stuff for real life or for Xpln11

what is the formula for Final Speed, V1 VR?

Like in Tylers vid, hey showed use the FORMULA for DECENT
so what is the formula for V Speeds
and Final Landing Speed?

does this belong in #live
or #general

I think this video should help:

I will check it out right now!

If you don’t want the hassle, also calculates V-speeds (for certain aircraft, only)


Ok I get it now
Were can I find the papers for planes? @Drummer

IF Assistant will calculate fairly accurate V-speeds for most IF aircraft considering weight and flap setting. (The CRJ v speeds are way off so I don’t recommend those)

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Here’s a spreadsheet that someone on the forum created:

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