How to calculate V speeds

Hi guys,

So do any of you know how do you calculate the V speeds? (V1, Vr, V2)


There’s an App called In-Flight Assistant which has a lot of great features of which one of them is a V-speed calculator. It automatically calculates your V-speeds depending on your flaps setting and weight.


Ah I see, is it free?

no it isnt free but the features of the app are well worth the money

Ah I see, I’ll consider it… Thanks!

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Is there a mathematical formula?? i’m gunna look for one right now…

EDIT: there is no set formula.

I find that IF-A is well out with the V speeds when it comes to the 777 200F which I mainly fly.

I use Toper777 it’s free on play store and gives a much more accurate calculation using wind runway temp etc.
although I know it’s only for the 777.

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Ye that was what I was wondering… But then I saw many say that “there isn’t an actual formula”

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Then that should work for me since I mainly fly B77W

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It’s the best airliner to fly :)


I’m pretty sure it depends on many factors like runway length, wind, temperature airport elevation, runway condition… therefore there is no set formula.


For some aircraft, does calculate your VR speeds, on the A320 family i’ve had it for every aircraft i believe. And a few others as well:)


Though, sometimes I’ve had issues with this when the speeds were too high and I ended up sliding around a bit shortly before liftoff.

Fair point, but at least it gives you a free rough estimate :)
Best for a320

Buy a calculator, then calculate it and call cloud.

IF pilots have created sheets with this information on them. I can get you them if you would like.


Here’s a full V Speed list by @anon2063420:

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Remember some of these are according to real life V speed charts I found from SOP from airlines. Some of the older models may not have the actually representation of their behavior in IF

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