How to calculate v speed in Infinite Flight?

Take a look at this topic (1) and this one too (2). The first has information for all aircraft, however, some are no longer valid because there are aircraft that have had rework, the topic identifies them with “(Old)”, these aircraft usually have a topic of “unofficial profiles” of them, do a search for them here. The second topic is a compilation of information from some official video tutorials that the IF team produced, you can find them on the official Youtube channel.

Also, as I usually say when I see a question like this, try to study the planes you fly, try to spend time flying more with a specific one or with more of one than others, it’s very good to do this in-depth, especially regarding these V-speed/performance questions.
I recommend that you use to plan your flights, it usually gives the V-speeds for some aircraft, and seeing your plan details in the OFP greatly increases the level of your simulation, and you can also have your route easily transferred from there for the IF using this tool (3) (topic about it (4))

Safe flights!

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  2. Quick Reference Cards

  3. KML to FPL file converter

  4. IF Flightplan Tools by Adam Callow